Picture of a mix of Wewalka fresh dough ready-rolled on baking paper mainly, which are prepared at the moment
quality matters

Welcome to our world of fresh doughs!

Founded in 1987, Wewalka is now one of the big players on the fresh-dough market

The values of a traditional production company, together with a clear view on international business, make us a preferred partner for brands and retailers in about 30 countries.

Quality at Wewalka has a face - in our case it is more than 800 faces of ambitious employees, who work hard every day to make Wewalka a success.

With our understanding for quality we have a high claim for innovation and development in the organisation on all levels. Every day we are doing whatever we can to keep the standards of our quality processes high. Our products reflect that approach.


2 Pictures of employees at Wewalka in their jobs both in research and development and administrative fields

Looking for colleagues!

If you like what you are doing, you are able to be an embassador for our understanding for quality. Having said that, we know that the investment in people will be an investment in the future of Wewalka.

If you agree with this, we are more than happy to have you with us! 

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Our products

ambitious Two pictures of the Wewalka headquarters in Sollenau, as well as an engineering technician helping another employee in the production of Wewalka with the maintenance of a machine.

Consequence leads to success

From a small regional company to a global player in the fresh-dough-market: the central theme in Wewalka´s success story is independence.

With a lot of effort and even more team-spirit Wewalka has taken a path, that the company is following still after over 30 years: reacting flexible to the nees of the market but remembering well the main core values.

Wewalka is thriving to leave a compact carbon foot-print. This includes that the sustainability strategy is followed in all parts of the company. 
We have committed ourselves to a considerate use of ressources and with that contribute to a better environment and thus a better future.

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