Picture of pizzettas, being prepared with Wewalka pizza crust pre-rolled on baking paper on a kitchen worktop, topped with tomato sauce, prosciutto ham, parmiggiano cheese and fresh olive oil

Our pizza dough - ready to bake!

With our pizza crust home-made pizza is easy to prepare. Think of a classic pizza with various toppings, calzone, pizza bread, tear-and-share - there are so many options. 
But also the preparation can be varied. Ever tried the Wewalka pizza crust on your BBQ or electic grill? You will be surprised!

Talking about BBQ: come summer, we have a special-assortment of BBQ-doughs. Try our focaccia or the ready-cut-BBQ-dough to be used as bread-on-a-stick!


Talking about pizza

Pizza crust is a salty yeast-dough, refined with oils such as sunflower or olive oil. Together with just the right mix of water and flour the Wewalka pizza dough gets it´s golden and crispy crust. Rolled on baking-paper the pizza crust is ready to be used. 

There are 2 basic variantes: a thin one, Italian Style, or a thicker one, named American Style. The latter having a thicker crust and rising airy while being baked.

Picture of an Italian Style Pizza, prepared with Wewalka pizza crust ready-rolled on baking paper, sliced, put on a wodden blank on baking paper and topped with prosciutto ham and arugula
Picture of a pizza stromboli, prepared with Wewalka pizza crust pre-rolled on baking paper, shown on a kitchen countertop decorated with fresh herbs and presented on baking paper

Like in Italy

Wewalka offers the fresh pizza dough in a multitude of recipes and formats: round, square, in a mini-format, a classic or XXL-format, rising high and being fluffy or being crispy and thin. In comination with a jar of tomato-sauce the pizza dough, we offer a pizza-kit; convenient to use and a must for all families!

Rolled on baking-paper the dough is ready to use, just add your favourite topping. With our baking instruction you are all set - into the oven and then just enjoy!

We have the right product

Our products display prevailing tastes of the segment, a broad variety of formats are in our assortment - palm oil free - and naturally also in an organic quality.

As eating habits are changing constantly we are at the same time working constantly on the best product to suit our costumers' needs. 

Picture of a variation of Wewalka fresh doughs, which are being prepared on a kitchen worktop with various hearty ingredients, including pizza crust pre-rolled on baking paper, a sourdough ball, short crust as a quiche and a flatbread dough
Ultimate creativity! Picture of a raw Wewalka sourdough ball

Dough Balls

Would you like to experience the ultimate dough experience?

Our range of dough-balls offer mulitple options in the kitchen!


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