across the board

As an established production company in the region, Wewalka has enormous importance as a reliable employer. Wewalka is taking social responsibility. 

Bei Wewalka sprechen wir nicht nur von Nachhaltigkeit, wir leben sie. Von den verwendeten Rohstoffen über die Verpackung unserer Frischteige bis zur Energie, mit der wir unsere Produktion betreiben. 

Preserve ressources

A changing environment also means that Wewalka as a company has to think about reorientation in established processes. 

As a food-producer it is our vested interest to be very careful in our choice and use of ressources. This accounts for raw materials as well as the final product: Wewalka pushes the awareness for food waste and is in close contact with retailers here. 

Packaging solutions

In cooperation with retailers around Europe, we strive to develop a broad range of sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions for our fresh doughs. At the same moment making sure to have highest safety and quality for the product itself.

Our packaging team focuses on ideas for our customers, to allow for optimized supply inventory. Some of our clients already use flexible, reusable transport systems.


Staying compact! Picture of different Wewalka fresh dough products in their packaging of flow packs

in a flowpack

Our range of fresh doughs, rolled on baking-paper, is offered in a flowpack. Being very compact this form of flexible packaging is the ideal wrapping for our sensible goods. On top we are sure that we have enough room for an attractive packaging design and product presentation.

Why do we use a synthetic material for our fresh doughs? The sealing of these foils, preserves the fresh dough and keeps it clear of all influences coming from outside, at the same time allowing to be stored, fresh over a longer period. With this we reduce food waste.

The fact, that it is a plastic foil, is in itself not contradictory to the sustainability goal: together with strong parners in the packaging industry we are working on a fully recyclable material for all doughs. Wherever possible reducing materials. However always with the higher aim for the utmost product quality.

Establish standards

A first step is to integrate the calculation of the corporate carbon footprint for all our production- and distribution locations. That has given us a view on our basis to work from.

Taking this into account, Wewalka is working on a continuous improvement process. At the moment a lot of energy is invested to establish a common understanding for the topic and create awareness.

Unter Berufung auf die 17 UN-Nachhaltigkeitsziele, haben wir bereits Vieles bei Wewalka umgesetzt und arbeiten jeden Tag daran, besser zu werden.

Taking the 17 UN-sustainability goals as a basis for our work ethics, a lot of things could already be integrated at Wewalka. We are working hard every day to improve in every field here.