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Jobs in Operations

Highly reliable, swift and punctual supply of our cool fresh doughs - straight to our customers and retailers - is our highest priority.

Next to our various branches our ambitious employees are the key factor who provide this guarantee of supply all year round. 

Our highly specialized and qualified employees take a unique combination manual skill and industrial production to the next level of consistent high quality.



  • Production
  • Mixing dough
  • Operating machinery
  • Head of teams
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality control
  • Cleaning


Helping hands in our various fields of production:

  • Control of ressources and documentation
  • Weighing and prepairing the doughs
  • Operating machines and plants
  • Packing paletts full of products
  • Rethinking work-flow steps

Responsible and essential position at our mixing machinery:

  • Ressourcemanagement and weighing of ingredients
  • Making dough, operating and controlling kneading plants 
  • Optical and sensoric quality control

Expertise as a responsible operator of our production plants:

  • Setting and adjusting the production plants
  • Keeping track and documentation, staff organization
  • Responsibility over quality and output
  • Quality control

Head of team and joint between head of production and operations staff:

  • Organizing and leading the team during production
  • Granting the supply demands of the day, aligned with our qualitystandards
  • Structural, disciplinary and professional leadership of staff
  • Providing efficient, economic logic course of production
  • Responsibilty over keeping track of standardized processes.

Warehousing and Logistics

Our employees in the warehouse and logistics department can expect varied work in the incoming and outgoing warehouse. This includes goods acceptance and order picking, loading and unloading of trucks and inspection of incoming goods . They also carry out the storage of raw materials and packaging material.


Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and cleaning is one of the most important areas for maintaining food safety and product quality. Our employees take care of the testing and monitoring of the production steps as well as the ongoing quality control of raw materials and our fresh dough. They take on the specification of work instructions and are in charge of ongoing cleaning in coordination with quality management. They are also experts in cleaning the technical production facilities and offices.


Top Jobs in Operations

Please note that our application process as well as day to day communication at Wewalka will be in German, therefore the content on the website regarding vacancies will be displayed in German. Nevertheless various levels of English skills might be expected in some job-positions, especially in the administrative area.


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We would like to point out that our job offers are different for each location and are therefore not translated identically. For the Wewalka site in Sollenau, the job advertisements and the application process are in German.