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Professional and social competences in our employees are the key to our philosophy of never being satisfied with "good enough".


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Wewalka as top employer

Founded in 1987, Wewalka has become a Big Player in the fresh-dough market. Our core values as a traditional and established business in the area combined with the perspective of an internationally oriented company makes us a trustworthy partner of international brands and retailers in about 30 countries

More than 800 employees help us build our brand in our various branches in Austria and Hungary to create a dynamic and highly regarded work environment. Professional and social competences in our employees are the key to our philosophy of never being satisfied with "good enough".

As one of the biggest employers in the area we value our employees as a highly crutual and valuable part of the company. For employees looking to broaden their horizons, we offer various interesting fields of work, a highly praised programm of initial and continuing training as well as a modern, pleasant environment. Our newly found Wewalka-Academy offers all of our employees continuous possibilities of training and educationals programms.

We will never be satisfied with "good enough"

We encourage our employees in their professional and personal development with bespoke educational programs in our own Wewalka-Academy, specialized trainings at external institutions, seminars for personal development as well as individually tailored coaching. We consider our highly trained employees embassadors for our understanding for quality. Because we know an investment in people is an investment in the future of Wewalka.

Picture of 3 colleagues in the production of Wewalka working as a team to find a solution for a task at the production machine for fresh doughs
Bild von Mitarbeiter:innen bei Wewalka, die sich in einer Besprechung unterhalten
Working together for our common goals.

New employees will be welcomed into our company and our various fields of work with a onboarding-program lasting several days. A special highlight always is the day spent in our operations department, where all employees get the chance to get their hands on the actual production of our fresh dough

Our various branches in Austria and Hungary offer the perfect possibilities for a long lasting development-process, professionally as well as personally. 

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Application Process

Join our Team! Apply via our Job Market and send us your relevant documents. In addition to your CV we are always looking forward to getting a motivational letter on top.

None of the vacancies sound quite right for your job needs? Leave us your contact details and we will get back to you once we have something that is suitable for you.

For more questions about vacancies or your application, please feel free to contact Norbert Brunnflicker via 02628 48666 or

Bild eines Mitarbeiters von Wewalka in einem Bewerbungsgespräch

Looking for colleagues

Please note that our application process as well as day to day communication at Wewalka will be in German, therefore the content on the website regarding vacancies will be displayed in German. Nevertheless various levels of English skills might be expected in some job-positions, especially in the administrative area.


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Speculative Application

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We would like to point out that our job offers are different for each location and are therefore not translated identically. For the Wewalka site in Sollenau, the job advertisements and the application process are in German.

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