Picture of a Wewalka sourdough-ball on a kitchen workop, already with tomato sauce on the prepared pizza, decorated with basil and fresh tomatoes on the left side

As you like it - Dough balls for individual useage!

The dough ball is a next step in our development of classic pizza doughs. The form of the ball allows the sourdough to rise in an optimal environment. When preparing at home you have to work differently compared to our other doughs. However, it´s easy and you don´t have to be an Italian pizza-baker. 

The form of the ball let´s the dough mature just perfectly. A very nice, crunchy crust can be expected. Try your pizza or bread with this dough and experience an enhanced pizza experience.


Airy dough structure

Brand new: Assorted products are now also offered as dough balls. This dough balls can be used very individually for your food creation. Try an oval form, a thick or extra-thin pizza or bake little rolls. 
It doesn´t matter if your pizza is thin or thick - with our dough balls you have an experience like known from your favourite Italian ristorante.

Our dough balls come in a convenient pouch and are ready to  use - just add a bit of flour for better handling.

Picture of a slice of pizza, made of a Wewalka sourdough ball, topped with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil
Picture of a Wewalka sourdough-ball, on a kitchen worktop, already shown with tomato sauce with other ingredients like basil, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and grilled vegetables

Wide assortment

The sorts we can currently offer are a sourdough ball, a rustic dough ball and other specialities:

Choose from sorts like naan, saffron, chili-garlic, black cumin, cauliflower or beetroot-horseradish.

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