A success story!

Sollenau in Austria. Founded in 1987, a small regional producer has managed to become one of the big players in the fresh-dough market.
From offering a single-product only - a puff pastry rolled on baking-paper - the range of products has developed rapidly. At the moment you can buy our products in 30 European countries.

With the expansion to Celldömölk in Hugary 2005, production capacities could be increased. Wewalka's clear commitment with this step is, to strengthen both sites in the long run and maintain a leading role in the business.

Picture of an employee of Wewalka, adding varous ingredients in a mixer to develop a new fresh dough recipe



Our vision

Wewalka stands for high quality fresh doughs, which create true culinary moments for our consumers.

Made easy!

Autonomy is doing the right thing of one's own accord

After over three decades Wewalka remains true to it's principles as a production company. The headquarter in Sollenau is the heart of the company. With business acumen Wewalka invests constantly into it's own future. Thus enlarging the power to compete on the market in the long run. 

Social responsibility is not only a buzzword at Wewalka.
As one of the big food-producing companies in the region, Wewalka is known to provide stable and secure working conditions.

We only stop when we can be proud of the outcome.

Being a company with our own premises in the heart of Europe, we are well set to fulfill the needs of our international customers. In unison with the needs of the markets concerning quality standards, certification standards, hygiene, sustainability, efficiency on ressources and climate protection we try to be always a step ahead.

Our strategical goals concerning growth are balanced with the commitment to do that with a lasting effect and not at any price.

On the road to being one of the big players

Wewalka is one of the big players on the fresh-dough market in Europe.
About 800 employees located on various places in Austria, Germany and Hungary work hard every day to provide the best quality for our consumers.

Fresh dough is our superfood! 


Wewalka is founded by J.Wewalka 1987 in Sollenau, about 30 km South of Vienna as a producer of pastry.

Fine baked pastry, mainly made of the in-house-made puff pastry, is produced.

The current owner, Anton Gsellmann, takes over. The decision to leave Wewalka in the company name is made.

Surpluses of dough, the rest of the in-house-manufactured puff pastry - basis to the pastry produced, is originally offered in the factory store.

Consumers love the fresh dough. Why don´t try to make a side-product to a main one?
The first puff  pastry ready-rolled on baking-paper is developed and introduced in 1994 on the Austrian market.


With the continuous development of the fresh-dough-business more capacity in Sollenau was needed.

The next step, an expansion of the business, is only logic. The decision for a new factory in Celldömölk in Hungary is taken. The new plant in Hungary is exclusively producting the pastry for Wewalka. The head office in Sollenau focuses completely on the production of fresh doughs. With this step an enlargment in the sortiment is possible. 


2012 Wewlka certifies for the RSPO-standards. Wewalka continuously improves the performance here.

Check our progress at www.rspo.org

The market of fresh-dough in Europe is developing well and new customer-segments and markets can be developed. Wewalka finds itself on a crossroad and has to take a forward-looking decision.

The management is currageous and decides to reorientate the business completely. A clear decision is taken to take baked pastry out of the portfolio and focus solely on fresh-dough rolled on baking-paper.

Since then continuous investments in both factories are made to maintain the ability of being able to compete in the market on a top-position.


2019 Wewalka akquisitions the brand Tante FannyAn important step to strengthen the role as market maker and with this use synergies in the companies. Widespread investments in the brand are released; e.g. a soft-relaunch of the logo and packaging.

Already 2020 investments into the brand are paying off: Nielsen-data confirms market-leadership of Tante Fanny in the fresh-dough market in Germany. With this Tante Fanny is, next to Austria, also the category captain in another European country. 

Due to several restaurant lock-downs during the Corona-pandemic, lots of end-users discover their love for our fresh-dough products.

To strengthen brand awareness in the long run, a wide TV-campaign in Germany and Austria is rolled out. More than 111 mio. contacts can be reached during pre- and primetime. The story in the spot is centered around one of our bestselling-products in the Tante Fanny range, the Tante Fanny Flatbread.



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Only employees, who are happy in what they are doing can become ambassadors for Wewalka, striving for a very high standards in quality on all levels. Having said that, an investment in our employees is an investment for Wewalka's future.

If you agree with this mindset, we are happy to have you at Wewalka!


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