Picture of a Wewalka short crust, which is on a kitchen worktop being prepared for apple-pouches

Short crust:
a dough used in many ways

Short crust is a dough that can be used in so many ways and is thus maybe on of our most flexible dough for your kitchen. You can fill or top it with a variety of things. Short crust is the ideal basis for all sweet or savoury cakes, tartes or quiches. 

Wewalka short crust comes of course ready rolled on baking-paper and is ready to be used out of the fridge!


Short crust for sweet dishes

Sweet short crust dough is a dough rich in fat with flour, sugar and salt. Also named tarte sablée it is based on a 1-2-3-dough. That means 1 part sugar, 2 parts fat, 3 parts flour. The sweet short crust only raises little with baking but forms a soft, crumbly texture instead. 
It can be used for sweet pastries like bottoms for cakes, cookies strudel or tartelletes. 

Picture of a baked apple, prepared of Wewalka fresh short crust, topped with vanilla sauce in a deep plate
Picture of little forms of baked short crust, prepared of Wewalka fresh short crust dough, put on each other on a kitchen worktop and served with a fresh orange and a glass of milk

Sweet or savoury

Savoury short crust, also known as quiche, tarte brisée or tarte, consists like the sweet short crust of flour, fat, a pinch of salt and just a tiny bit of sugar. Like this it can very well also be used for sweet food.

The savoury short crust is perfect for all sortes of quiches or strudel. Give it a try to prepare snacks like cheese-bars or savoury cookies. 

Choose from a wide assortment

Our assortment is big, given the many ways of preparations: choose from round or square formats, in different fat-levels - naturally also as an organic product. 

Wewalka has the perfect product for every taste.


Picture of a variation of Wewalka fresh doughs, which are prepared on a kitchen worktop, including a short crust, danish pastry, lemon-cake

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