Picture of a Wewalka yeast cake dough, that is being filled with raisins and cinnamon on baking paper on a kitchen worktop and waiting to be topped with the egg-wash and the melted butter at the side

Sweet dough from Wewalka:
sweeten your day!

Desserts are prepared in no time at all with Wewalka's sweet doughs. Our product range includes sweet yeast cake dough, croissant or danish pastry dough as well as short crust pastry all year round. The product range is supplemented seasonally with cookie and biscuit dough, bejgli dough and cake creations in brownie, caramel and lemon-semolina varieties.

Picture of baked, little pastry from Wewalka yeast cake dough, being presented on a kitchen worktop in a metal basket

Yeast Cake Dough

Wewalka yeast cake dough is a sweet yeast dough based on wheat flour, fat, sugar, a pinch of salt and - naturally - yeast. It has a light and airy texture to create typical sweet tray-baked cakes or desserts.

Also try the dough to form swirls. For lovers of cinnamon swirls we offer a yeast-cake-kit with a jar of apple-cinnamon-filling. Preparing the tasty cinnamon-swirls has never been easier!

Danish Pastry Dough

The Wewalka danish pastry dough is laminated with butter, thus developing a thin-layered structure, unfolded while backing. In contrast to the splintery puff pastry dough this dough is however more compact in texture. That is due to the yeast in the dough. 

Especially sweet things like croissants, strudel or other pastries will be perfect with danish pastry. Ready rolled on baking-paper the dough is ready to be used.






Picture of a fresh croissant, made of Wewalka danish pastry dough pre-rolled on baking paper
Picture of various Wewalka cake doughs, already baked, decorated on different platters on a kitchen worktop

CAKE is always a good idea!

The assortment of sweet doughs was lately widened by a new assortment of cakes. Brownie, caramell-cake and lemon-cake come already on a little baking tray made of paper. Just put it in the oven and preferably enjoy your cake luke-warm.

Be sure to get Wewalka´s lates creation!

Cookie Dough

Wewalka cookies are available in different sorts: classic milk-chocolate, triple-chocolate and flapjack are offered together with a cranberry-oat-cookie. The American-style-cookies are crumbly and melt in your mouth.

Wewalka cookie dough is produced in rolls. You just cut it in slices, put it on baking paper and enjoy after a short time in the oven.

Picture of two American Cookies, prepared with Wewalka Triple-Chocolate-Cookie Dough, one of the cookies broken
Picture of bejgli dough swirls, prepared of Wewalka bejgli dough, being presented in a pan on a kitchen table, being topped with honey


Wewalka dough for bejgli is a short crust base made of flour, vegetable fat, sugar, a pinch of salt and baking powder, especially developed to make the Hungarian "bejgli". 

The classic filling consists of nuts or poppy seeds. The dough is produced seasonally before Easter and Christmas.


Christmas Cookies

The holiday season is just not the same without the classic cookies, especially in Austria.
That´s why we at Wewalka keep that tradition up with our wide assortment of seasonal cookie doughs: classic short crust, vanilla short crust, black-and-white short crust and gingerbread, you will love it!

These doughs come as a block to allow for all sorts of creations for cookies. Roll with your baking-pin, create your favourite cookie, bake and enjoy!

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