Picture of an employee of Wewalka, performing a check on one of the production lines for fresh doughs

Engineering Jobs

Our very own team of highly trained engineers is responsible for keeping all our machines and production plants up to date and working. With around the clock maintenance and service they ensure to keep the production of our fresh doughs running and therefor reliably keep Wewalka's ­­sales and shipment timings on track

Furthermore our team of developers is busy planing and designing made-to-measure and patented machinery for our unique products. This is also how we set the standards for our product quality, food safety, safety of our staff and process security.



  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Automation
  • Control Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

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We would like to point out that our job offers are different for each location and are therefore not translated identically. For the Wewalka site in Sollenau, the job advertisements and the application process are in German.