Picture of a Wewalka fresh flatbread dough, which is pre-rolled on baking paper, lying with pieces of leek on the worktop of a kitchen

Flatbread is a must!

Wewalka flatbread is everyone's darling.

Flatbread is an extra thin yeast-dough with wheat flour, vegetable fat and salt. It only needs a short time in the oven and is very crispy. Flatbread could be seen as a sort of very thin pizza dough when looking at the ingredients. Originating from Alsace in France, flatbread can be prepared very similar to a pizza. 


Have you ever tried?

Our Wewalka flatbread dough is a bestseller. It can be used with so many toppings, baked as a snack or full meal. Ready rolled on baking paper, just put your favourite spread on and add your desired topping, bake and enjoy!


Picture of an already baked Wewalka flatbread, cut in slices and prepared on a board with ham and onions

Taste the difference

In addition to the many sorts you can top your flatbread, Wewalka offers a wide range or flatbread recipes itself to cater every taste. 

Our standard flatbread range was extended with an XXL-format, a dough with spelt flour and is also available in a spelt-flour-variant.


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